this week i... (scales of many colors edition)

image (c) dreamworks
>> learned that dragons are cats and tyrants are fire nation after watching how to train your dragon and how to train your dragon 2. this franchise has been on my radar since seeing the visually stunning trailer for 2 ages back (you know the one: ocean, wing-suit, amazing aerial choreography), and finally seeing them was a lot of fun. well, except for the shit-got-real sequence towards the end of 2, but whatever. also, i'm calling it now, 3 is going to be a search for toothless's mate.
>> decided that i need interweave knits spring 2015 in my life, because there are at least four sweaters i would totally love to wear in it: honey pullover, one way tee, rheya cardigan, and second story tee. it hits stands in just a few weeks, and i intend to have a serious look-through for potential queuing/yarn ordering. it's time i set some goals beyond "finish stuff in '15."
>> discovered that blogger and all-around cool person alexandra of wool & cotton just opened her very own yarn store in greece called plectorium! a-friggen-mazing! her sense for bright colors is reflected in her stock and samples and will should make for a fun and cheery store atmosphere. there's not much yet to the site, but i'm sure there will be in weeks to come (store pics, plz!). wishing you great success, alexandra!
this has been one of those lather-rinse-repeat weeks in which every day is exactly the same and time flows like a viscous loop. is it thursday? or have we moved back to monday? or has wednesday not yet arrived? i can no longer tell.
what i do know is that every day i came home and worked on the sweater, felt the night roll in, watched a movie with a sick bf, then fell asleep early. so while there have been no adventures, surprises, or variation this monday through friday, i am that much closer to finishing my biggest wip since the blanket. after that, it will be a parade of smaller projects and spontaneous cast ons, because this blog has been boring (read focused) for too long!

>> fast-forward friday >>

i don't know if it's the cold, the dark, or the usual shut-innery, but all i've wanted to do lately is curl up under a thick blanket, watch grown-ass youtubers play video games poorly, and knit on my midsummer crazy sweater.
so you'll no doubt be surprised to learn that said sweater has blossomed from stringy bits into an identifiable thing:
this project monogamy was first incited by the prospect of joining sleeves and body in the round, which was very satisfying. snaps for everyone!
after that milestone, there was the allure of yoke decreases (ongoing) and eventually the switch from knitting in the round to knitting back and forth. you wouldn't think cabling and turning your work could be an adventure, but an error in the pattern made it so—i ended up with a split that wonked up the cabling/reverse stockinette ratio and just looked off. there were even notes from one helpful raveler that warned of the issue and how to fix it, which of course i ignored. immediately afterward i engaged in some quick fudging that does the job, but yeesh.
but now things are back on track and looking like they'll turn out just fiiiiiiiine. of course, all of this has no bearing on whether or not it'll fit as i'd like, but that's what living dangerously is all about (try it on, you say? naaaaaaaaaaah).
there's just one thing: there are still a fuckton of stitches in each round, even with the decreases and neck shaping. progress overall is slow—especially now that purling back is a thing—but determined. it'd be great to have this sweater done before temperatures soar back into the 90s, but my commitment to this union is waning and a break may be imminent. now what can i cheat on it with?
ooooh, look, shinies!


though the year has barely begun, i've already hit a wee snag in my stash-building 2015 campaign: embracing selectivity over buying all the things.
we knitters know there's tons of awesome yarn out there, but i want to avoid the pitfalls of past yarn-buying days when price and prettiness were primary concerns, not what i might make with it. i mean, sure, stash can marinate, but after a while you have to deal with the stuff you're never going to use, and that's a pain. so choosing wisely it is.
however, a few temptations have ambushed me in the past week, and i may prove too feeble to thwart them all:
image (c) sheepy time knits
exhibit a: the colorway options for february's speshul snowflake shipment. before now i've had zero problem picking my favorite, but these two have me in a tizzy of indecision. not only do they have super-geeky minecraft names (cyan wool and stone), they are both colors i love! the tonal teal is rich and beautiful and WANT, and the grey is nicely balanced and perfect for a "matches everything" item. i'm very tempted to order both, even without a project in mind.
exhibit b: renewing my yarn club membership. it's been very satisfying to be a speshul snowflake this fall and winter, and receiving skeins in the mail at regular intervals supplements the stash, but it's not the most effective means of acquisition. i'm sure i'll be back at some point, but i may take a club break in order to do some more specific shopping for larger-scale items.
exhibit c: fiddle knits' elements mkal. it was sprung on me unexpectedly (it's free. i was helpless), leaving me with a pdf promise of cables and lace by early may and an imperative to own 850+ yards of lace by april. not to mention that an earth shawl success will undoubtedly lead to the series' other mkals, which won't be free and will also require yarn.
tough calls, all. and then there's the surprise witness: an upcoming visit to a recently discovered yarn store. previous recon (peering into darkened window displays like an eager child) already revealed super gorgeous and drool-worthy yarns. i know right? i'm going to blow my fiber budget before the second fiscal quarter...

this week i... (slow life edition)

>> watched my avengers: friendship assembled dreams go dark as the second age of ultron trailer amped up doom and drama. the science bros. are fighting! the ai is revolting! the world is fucked! shawarma dates are on hold indefinitely! young upstarts are entering the fray! i am not prepared! 

image (c) pierrot
>> settled my jangling nerves by watching some fluffy fantasy/reverse-harem anime. a bratty princess, boatloads of attractive male characters, betrothal woes—what's not to love? then yona of the dawn shifts into moribito: guardian of the sacred spirit, what with the murder, betrayal, and exile from one's kingdom on pain of death. a real soothing choice: just listen to the rhythmic thuds of dead bodies striking the floor.
image (c) amirisu
>> identified yet another simple cardigan for the collection of comfy, wearable pieces i'd like to own someday. east matunuk cardigan by amy christoffers looks like the perfect thing to toss on over a snappy outfit for the chilly breezes and unbearable ac you'll inevitably encounter on a day out. of course, i have zero worsted-weight yarn in my posession, which may be one of the many stash problems i rectify in 2015.
the past week was one of general doldrums. there were illnesses and early nights, re-watching of old movies and eating of comfort foods, and lots of time spent knitting. i have wips that are identifiable as actual garments, i have a second sock in the works, materials purchased for impending cast ons, and some intriguing temptations to distract me from any previously-made plans i may have made.
i'll tell you all about it next week!

this week i... (i can't feel my feet edition)

>> rode the wind into tomorrow with the "uh, okay, sure!" finale of rage of bahamut: genesis. overall i enjoyed the series and its grandiose sci-fi/western flair. twelve episodes was too few to fit in all the characters and events of the world, but damn if it wasn't fun. now, onward! to adventure!
>> drove off the unrelenting chill of our recent cold snap with knit picks's january catalog! i'm still mightily tempted by the run run run bags, and the piles of soft, warm, colorful yarn wouldn't go amiss, either. there maaaay need to be an order before the new spring colors arrive and distract me with their vibrancy.
>> was transported to an alternate 1946 where absolutely nobody in nyc smoked working at the phone company was where it was at via agent carter! this show, you guys. i like it, honest, i do. it's filled with great characters (jaaaarviiiis!), snappy dialog, and awesome mcu tie-ins (vanko!), and is fun to watch. but oh my god it's cheesy. it is. maybe releasing it alongside galavant helps temper it, but ho-damn if this series isn't some forties costume porn with an action girl trained in the ways of waif-fu. can't wait to see where it ends up.
it seems like the humdrum routine of january is back with a vengeance this week, with lots of unexpected busyness dashing my hopes for a gradual transition back to the norm. then temperatures plummeted into the forties (that counts as plummeting when we had been enjoying mid-seventies only days prior), which led to me curl under blankets and emerge as infrequently as possible: a little knitting, a bit of show-watching, and a lot of looking forward to next week.