the fourth and final subject for a playful day's love your blog challenge is gratitude, which makes today an ideal time to thank everybody who stopped by throughout april to see what was going on in this tiny corner of internet land. i've enjoyed sharing my thoughts on each week's theme, reading the comments some of you left for me (whee, comments!), and venturing out beyond the edge of my known blogiverse to discover new content relevant to my interests.
looking forward to seeing what you guys produce next!


this week i... (wasted stitches edition)

© twist collective
>> sent texts announcing my utter delight when twist collective spring/summer was finally released. though i have yet to encounter a twist pattern that i absolutely must knit, i enjoy flipping through each issue, taking in the photography and maybe reading an article or two.
© knitscene
>> was similarly enthused when knitscene summer patterns appeared on ravelry. this particular issue didn't have much that interested me; the only pattern i truly loved was ouverte tee. knit in a bright color that works on me and worn with a tank top rather than a sports bra, i think it would be perfect for summer.
© knit 1 geek 2
>> began streaming expletives in conjunction with "yes" and "i can't believe it" when knit 1 geek 2 finally released their 100th episode. we've all been waiting for this one, and it was well worth it. now i hang on to my hope that the upcoming ultron movie will be reason for them to record sooner rather than later.
this week was once again all about knitting on the earth mkal, squeezing clue two into whatever free time i could spare. i finally finished it on thursday night, only to realize that its tininess was not a product of the pattern, but rather a result of my tight-ass gauge. the wip is now tucked into a project bag and i've moved right back to knitting socks.
if i can finish them this weekend (i can), then i might be able to convince myself that not all of the week was lost.


spoilers: part two

like last week, if you're still working on clues one and two of the earth mkal, click away now or prepare to be spoiled:

there's a lot more to see this week, and it's not all because of improved lighting conditions—clue two brought the promised "fluid movement" aesthetic to the forefront by growing cabled knots into a column of organic buds.

there's just one problem: despite having swatched, my row gauge is nowhere near the recommended 36 per inch. so while mysterious earth might look ordinarily-sized in a photo, it only measures twenty-four inches in real life. clue three (released today) might afford four to six inches to the cause and clue four another two or three, but even those additions will still fall a few feet sort of a wearable length. at my current gauge, i probably won't even break into the second ball of yarn, let alone go through the recommended 876 yards.

suffice to say, i fucked up. at present the shawl-in-progress is neatly packed into a project bag awaiting its ultimate fate, which should be made clear when the final clue is released next week. if i'm right about the remaining clues' length, i'm ripping the thing and may or may not try again with a bigger needle.

no time for tears, though. too busy barfing rainbows.



for week three of a playful day's love your blog challenge the subject is ugly. as various bloggers have rightly pointed out, there's a lot of ugly in crafting: we've all made ugly projects while learning a new craft, we've all witnessed the ugly behaviors of people online, and we've all felt ugly inadequacy when other crafters/bloggers present their seemingly perfect lives.

so here's the question: what do you do when faced with these types of ugliness? let's say that your latest wip is headed to the frog pond, somebody in your favorite ravelry group starts drama, and a flood of people you follow blast pictures of their amazing knitting retreat across social media. what do you do to cope?

for myself, it's all about distance (to get a clearer perspective) and stimulation (to have an occupied mind).

depending on what's bothering me, i might to throw myself into knitting, listen to crafty and non-crafty podcasts, stream some chill anime, clean or organize something (my desk and/or yarn shelf), watch youtube vids from really dorky gamers, flip through my blogging/general ideas notebook, take a leisurely nature stroll or an intense exercise walk, start planning for an upcoming holiday or event, browse geeky news sites, or (of course) rant to the bf until all the ugliness is out of my system.

once i feel as though i've been away long enough to reset and recharge my brain, it's back to making, writing, and doing what it is i enjoy.


this week i... (ant parade edition)

>> felt my enthusiasm for ant-man soar to new heights after watching this trailer. i'm sure about four more trailers are yet to come, but holy crap do i love the idea of this movie (is it july yet?). such ridiculousness. i mean, come on, cute ants? yellowjacket? the train wreck!? even this movie is half as good as i'm hoping, i'll have had good fun watching it.
© madhouse
>> demonstrated my great affection for the bf watching the latest bizarre romcom anime, my love story, with him. he's a hulking brute with a soft side (think teen hulk), she's a tiny waif with a penchant for baked goods. spoiler: they dig each other, he assumes it's impossible, hijinks ensue. between my unkind commentary and the bf's cringing, it's safe to say this is a miss for us.
>> hit on a great anime from last season almost by chance. death parade starts heavy on the shock, lightens just a bit, sucks you in to a post-apocalyptic skyscraper filled with allegorical bars, then finally pummels your feels for a bittersweet end. there's some heavy-handed narrative on humanity's capacity for cruelty, but i dare you to not want more based on the opening alone.
it's been a week spent catching up on clue one of the earth mkal, only to immediately start clue two on friday afternoon. now that i can see more of where this shawl is going, the urge to knit all the rows is strong...but i'll try to make it last at least through the weekend (clue two is fairly short). this show of restraint should be made easier by the fact that i'll be spending time with family, thus limiting my ability to cable without a cable needle and talk at the same time.