season's bounty

can we all take a moment to appreciate the plethora of awesome fall patterns hitting ravelry of late?

image (c) yellowcosmo

welcome semptember, by yellowcosmo

is this not the quintessential fall cardigan? muted harvest tones, cosy texture, comfortable fit, leafy motif. i'll take one with a late afternoon stroll through the turning trees and a steaming mug of cocoa, please. yellowcosmo, you know what's good.

image (c) knitscene

thyri, by hilary smith callis

hey, kohls, i've found my yes for this fall. i love the color, obviously, but also the length, the simple texture, the built-in hand warmers, and the ease with which you could shift it from dressed up to bumming around. wearable and fuss-free.

image (c) knitscene

hanne, by joann rogers

in the same vein, this one is just as wearable, though just a bit more relaxed. i could see myself wearing this in overly-air conditioned offices, restaurants, and stores all season if knit in a color that goes with anything.

image (c) rosarios 4

re-use sweater, by rosarios 4

that cabling. almost sporty (as heavily-textured sweaters go), classic, and something i need in my wardrobe. tragically, i don't read the language this pattern was released in, and thus will have to go without for now. i suppose i'll make do admiring it with my eyes.

image (c) stitch seekers

tron, by lotta groeger

there were several great patterns in the most recent stitch seekers release, but the lace/texture combo of this shawl really grabbed me. it's big, it's bold, and it's playful in just the right way. if i didn't already have a shawl waiting in the wings to be cast on, i might consider adding tron to the "cast on without regret" queue.

so that's what jumped out at me as the highlights of september's new patterns. of course, i've still got the giant blanket to finish in time for xmas and the shawl to start and finish before the battle of five armies, but it never hurts to look, right? look, and not succumb, that is.

what patterns have got you going?


in just over a week's time it will be fall, and i am ready. i'm ready to surround myself with cozy knits, subdued palettes, warm meals, and an impending sense of celebration. of course, the subtlety floridian seasons hampers those dreams a bit, but i'll take temperatures dipping into the high 80s, sun-scorched leaves crunching underfoot, and nights rolling in at 7:30.

luckily, capturing a sense of the season is a bit easier than attempting to make it happen when nature's all like, "no." to that end, i put together a board of images that speak to the onset of fall—the hobbit (and its final a-long), changing leaves, amazing desserts, colorful yarn, and the changing night sky:

images (c) their respective creators

originally i wanted to make a mood board to hang by my desk, but those dreams were crushed by the reality of half-walls and open floor plans. understandably gutted by the untimely death of my dreams, i was skeptical when the bf suggested an app as the solution; however, after some research i obviously found something suitable and easy.

though there's room for improvement, curator is good for getting your ideas down without a lot of fuss or unnecessary functionalities: you tap, you add, you drag. i'd love a resizing feature and more display options, but hey, they did update over the summer, which is more than can be said for similar apps.

and since we all love pictures, i plan to make more boards with more pretties to share as the months go on. just think of all the awesome stuff out there for halloween...

this week i... (fall of fabulousness edition)

image (c) toei animation

>> felt no regret for squealing at sailor jupiter's powerful introduction to the sailor moon crystal lineup. she's my favorite scout, so i'd been anticipating her arrival anyway, but her transformation sequence and fight scenes were excellent regardless. and holy crap, venus is coming up sooooooon!

image (c) marvel

>> played "where's waldo skye?" with the recent s.h.i.e.l.d. promo pic, because that agent sitting near tripp and may looks nothing like she of the perfect hair and mysterious origins. i guess all those months of hiding out in bunkers could change anybody, right?

image (c) brooklyn tweed

>> felt envy for those knitters living in climates with fall, where heavy sweaters might be practical, as brooklyn tweed's bt fall 14 was full of them—thick, cozy, textured sweaters and cardigans that look so practical, but never dull. and me with no crisp fall days to look forward to, ergh!

image (c) madeleine nilsson

>> felt...meh toward knitty deep fall 2014. the much-favorited krydda caught my eye immediately, and some of the socks are nice, but nothing else appealed to my aesthetic in the least. maybe it's because knitty has done so much, but it feels that each subsequent issue features fewer patterns i would wear, let alone knit.

image (c) nickelodeon

>> literally dropped my jaw at the news of korra, book four: balance's premiere on friday, october 3. like, NEXT MONTH. some fans are skeptical of the scheduling, the digital-only distribution, the predicted quality, etc., but whatevs. i'm excited for this book, not least because i'm anticipating a satisfying ending for this awesome series.

well, fall 2014 is officially going to be made of win. between the return of s.h.i.e.l.d. and mushishi, the surprise return of korra, the continuation of sailor moon crystal, the release of several books, and the promise of a new anime season, i'm going to be pretty damn busy. not sure if i'll even have time around the edges to knit.

HAHAHAHAHAHA—yeah, no, but it does feels good to have so much geek to look forward to!


at the end of last week i was behind on everything: i had multiple shows to catch up on, a movie to watch, a new youtube series to fall into, and miles and miles of picot trellis stitch to crochet.

and i'll be damned if i didn't do it all. i hooked along while ginko recklessly traipsed into the spawn of horrific mushi; i chained like a pro while four grown-ass men unsuccessfully rolled d20s; i stitched boldly on while hydra quietly tore coulson's dream team apart; i picoted while makoto made villains numb with regret; i chained endlessly while a quartet of minions did an amazing backstreet pastiche.

now that the weekend's done i've got a significant swathe of vivid purple net to show for it.

i am not a monogamous crafter, and i'm never going to be. the thought of sticking solely with the bed-butt cozy until xmas or armageddon made me twitch, so i compromised: i'll work a minimum of three rows (maximum of five) most nights, then work on whatever i feel like when i have time.

which is good, seeing as how i'm still working on my midsummer crazy sweater and plan to cast on my hobbit-a-long project come september 22.

not that i'm eager to get back to selfish knitting of all the pretty things.

this week i... (pretties edition)

>> fell down the infinite scroll tumblr hole at simply-boho, looking at pretty picture after pretty picture, slowly amassing a little collection of those that inspire. apparently i'm into warm taupes and aquas lately, looking at my selections...

image (c) hyperion

>> dragged myself through an emotional hellscape whilst reading far from you by tess sharpe. it is a good book, yeah, but the plot involves all of the following: car accidents, major surgery, drug addiction, rehab, death, attempted murder, duplicity, lies, dysfunction, betrayal, stalking, death threats, love, grief, and more need for therapy than any one person should have to bear. you have been warned.

>> felt a little hope for humanity flare in my cold, dead heart as i watched the trailer for yogsquest 2 (TODAY!). i admit, I love the yogscast. i love their dumb-ass antics and their flair for screwing up, and i love their willingness to sit around rpg-ing in costumes and makeup. it is glorious.

image (c) alicia plummer

>> decided that it's basically fall, so i might as well consider making this dk-weight campfire shawl by alicia plummer to combat the impending chill that won't arrive until december. entirely reasonable. of course, i have absolutely no dk yarn in stash and other projects that need completed, but whatevs.

i am so hopelessly behind on everything, guys. i'm supposed to be watching an episode of s.h.i.e.l.d. a night in prep for season two's premiere (OMG, SEVENTEEN DAYS); i've watched two. a new episode of terror in resonance came out yesterday; i have yet to see it. crunchyroll started streaming the second mushishi special over a week ago; i still have it on my to-do list. there's a brick of a book due back to the library i haven't cracked the over on. a new episode of sailor moon crystal airs tomorrow.

i still haven't picked the blanket back up.

this weekend is slated for catching up with all things fandom: i will watch all the things so they stop gnawing on my brain space, hooking along all the while, and have a bumper crop of things to show and share when next week comes.