this week i... (end of all things edition)

image (c) warner bros.
>> watched the battle of five armies dial it up to 11 over the course of three hours. the dragon goes lizardshit on laketown, refugees suffer, elves get all grabby for jewels, dwarven kings are cray-cray, then they reinterpret the battle of helm's deep for two hours. and while i can honestly say i enjoyed the journey, this movie was ridiculous. it just WENT FOR IT, and i kind of love it for that.
image (c) nickelodeon
>> witnessed some history-making television as the legend of korra ended. my quibbles about the awkward cg aside, this finale was excellent in terms of animation, demonstration of character development, and resolutions for its main cast. like everyone else, i'm sad to say goodbye, but i think the send off was well executed. in a way, we ended where we started with avatar: a southern watertribe girl on an adventure, full of hope for the future.
image (c) amulet books
>> needed a break from all these emotionally draining endings, so i plowed through the long haul. even when you know the formula of these books ("let me tell you a story of escalating familial dysfunction"), it's always entertaining to see just how far kinney pushes it. this volume: baby pigs and breaking and entering. good times for all ages!
so this week i learned that the hobbit is the lord of the rings and the legend of korra is avatar: the last airbender—wait, that can't be right...
we're on the cusp of christmas, and i'm simultaneously impatient for the damn holiday to get here and trepidatious of the inevitable post-holiday blues. all the prep is done—tree, decor, cards, gifts, wrapping, snacks—which makes for a very relaxing run-up, but it also means that i've got time to notice just how much everything else slows down this time of year. folks are spending less time on social medial (a good and probably necessary thing for them, i'm sure), which means i'd better find something else to do with all this free time.
guess i'd better get some serious knitting done, lest i have nothing to talk about next week!

this week i... (too cold for punctuality edition)

image (c) disney
>> tested my knowledge of the sleeping beauty story with maleficent. now, i am not opposed to rehashings of fairy tales, but this one did nothing for me: a wronged fairy seeks revenge, then spends an hour trying to reneg. okay, sure, but bleh. also, cgi wings do not convince me. not in lord of the rings, not in the hobbit, not here. let's stop trying to force it.
image (c) marvel
>> witnessed the marvel cinematic universe split wiiiiide open with agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.'s mid-season finale. i've toned down my squealing about this show since season two's premiere, but only because i've talked about it so much already, not because it isn't COMPLETELY FUCKING AWESOME. skye's big reveal, the possibility of new characters (kamalaaaaaa!), the anticipation of where things go from here... is it march yet?
>> got as ready as i'll ever be so say goodbye to the hobbit by lusting over the tauriel socks from the new winter knitty. it's a great pattern and a fitting tribute to the awesome she-elf, though i'll have to make them post-battle of the five armies—provided my feels are still intact enough to handle such tasks after next weekend.
if last weekend was one of sitting back and enjoying what i'd wrought, this weekend will consist of me scrambling to tackle all the tasks my brain is screaming about, even thought it's not much: writing out holiday cards, baking some cookies, staying warm, and trying to remember not to lose my shit this early in the holiday season.
remember: sit, be still, and knit. it will be fine.


things i have learned from knitting my latest sweater:
1. allow only clear beverages into the sweater's proximity
i unwittingly heeded this particular piece of advice already, rendering the lemon-lime soda i spilled on it very early friday morning much less devastating than it could have been. otherwise i might have been attacking the ribbed hem with shout and my tears instead of dousing it with water.

2. every sweater has an inevitable amount of lost progress
sadly, these losses are in direct correlation with the unique "pain in the ass to rip back" factor of every sweater. this one involves a fairly complex lace/cable chart and a fuzzy, splitty yarn, which makes me seriously wish i'd just done the damned ssk, psso as directed and spared myself the loss of one knitting day.
3. catch-up knitting consumes twice the time of ordinary knitting
the above-mentioned ripping back occurred sunday afternoon. in two day's time i haven't managed to re-knit all the used yarn. this might be attributable to the work week and the urge to be extra cautious, but i still blame the knit-rip continuum and it's illogical physics.
4. knitting doubt fosters productivity
this is a relaxed sweater designed to fit very differently than in its modeled photos (for shame, interweave). at present it *appears* that the size will work well over tanks to keep the frigid a/c off my arms and shoulders, but it's knit bottom-up and reveals little when tried on.
i want to know how this bad-boy is going to turn out, so there's nothing for it but to keep knitting and see how it goes.

this week i... (delayed gratification edition)

image (c) kyoto animation
>> felt conflicted upon learning that there will be two beyond the boundary movies released next year. on one hand, i enjoyed most of the series and would like to have some of the "whaaaa?" gaps filled. on the other hand, this is not my first rodeo: the eden of the east follow ups forever curbed my anime movie enthusiasm.
image (c) scholastic
>> happily slipped into the magic of cabeswater and the presence of old friends via blue lily, lily blue. the usual raven boys fare: magic & mysticism, life & death, high school & hanging out, and mad old ladies & mayhem. but readers beware—you're in for a feels punch you would probably never expect.
>> was less than impressed with pantone's color of the year for 2015, marsala. it strikes me as...dull. it seems to work as a highlight or a tone for makeup, but i don't feel compelled to start dyeing everything the tone of dried blood (or spilled red wine). maybe next year's color will be a bit more inspiring.
last weekend i kicked ass: i got all of my christmas shopping done, got the countdown gifts organized, put up and illuminated the tree, assembled all the other items needed to celebrate the season (cards, stamps, envelops, tape), put the finishing touches on the bed-butt cozy, finished and blocked a shawl, and whipped up a long, long overdue second sock.
this weekend i am sitting back and enjoying the fruit of all that productivity, which is to say that i'm taking time to actually enjoy the decorations, the gifts, the snacks, and the relative calm. i might even knit something.

>> fast-forward friday >>

finally, after languishing in the stash forever, an ancient skein of madelinetosh tosh merino light in esoteric has become a thing!
you last saw it as a small corner of something garter stitched,
but in the interim it's become squink, my version of heidi alander's popular nurmilintu.
completing this fo makes me happy not only because i've got a pretty, squishy new shawl to wear out and about, but because i finally settled on a project for this troublesome yarn.
don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous skein (because tosh); i've just waffled between patterns suitable for it since bringing it home. first it was going to be a nori, then a sunlight shawl, then it got pushed to the side in favor of yarns i had definite plans for, then it could have been any of these...
thankfully, nurmilintu hit hege's blog, started climbing the ravelry charts, and stuck in my mind as the perfect combo of simplicity and detail, color and texture. it showcases the yarn excellently and can be worn with just about anything.
also? it knit up fast. two weeks? two and a half? just a bit of knitting commitment, and i've got an awesome thing to enjoy in the post-holiday crafting glow.