fall down

astute readers may have noticed something curious about my stash when it appeared in monday's post. something large. something purple. something that hadn't been talked about since its arrival.

i might have bought more yarn.

the yarn that defies color accuracy

but wait! i can explain! sure, i may be keen on destashing and i may even be partaking in a 'summer of stashdown' effort, but that is totally different from this! this yarn doesn't count.

this yarn is xmas project yarn. waaay back i revealed that my mom wanted a decorative bed runner for her gift, which i intended to crochet in an open stitch. the yarn would need to be bulky so as to be done in time for xmas 2014, and also be purple to match the room's color scheme.

this is that yarn. eight balls of knit picks brava bulky in eggplant—an artifact from when the yarn was still being made in turkey and felt softer than other acrylics—have found their way to my stash for the job.

seeing as how this project needs to reach the seven-foot mark before it can be finished, there was no time to waste once it got here; i broke out the k hook immediately and began the foundation row of the picot trellis stitch pattern. it's satisfyingly simple to do, and the lacy look should compliment my mom's aesthetic.

this yarn is purple, really, not blue.

of course, there's loads to do before december rolls around, but i'm taking comfort in these few inches. it's still progress, no matter how many billion scallops need knocked out prior to december 25. i can do this!

and just think of how much stash i'll be able to deduct from my spreadsheet when it's done. not that this yarn counts.


i don't know how it is where you are, but around these parts back-to-school is very much a big deal. the sales are on, the ads are running, and the days are being counted down..

because of this, i didn't think much of getting a "buy college stuff!" target flyer last week and only idly flipped through. then i hit the page with dorm room furnishings (who wants to lug extra furniture to college?) and had a moment of harmonic convergence with the universe: there was a shelving unit i had to have.

this was no idle lust for worldly possessions, though, oh no. i had plans for the thing. for a while now i'd been looking at my yarn shelf, a hulking nine-cube organizer in my living room, and thinking that it was excessive: larger than i need, cumbersome to relocate, and difficult to see the contents of my stash due to the closed-style cubbies.

but all these flaws were in the past, because i'd found my new yarn shelf.

what makes it even better? it discourages buying new yarn until stash gets used up and opens up some room!


this week i... (not at comic-con; let's talk geek edition)

image (c) noitamina

>> took a chance on another anime that seemed decent this season, terror in resonance, and was pleased by what i saw. a blend of eden of the east and cowboy bebop (so it totally makes sense that funimation recommends both to viewers), terror introduces two teen terrorists (for shadowy reasons) and the girl who becomes entangled with them. a bit dark, but intriguing. gotta watch episode two.

image (c) toei animation

>> watched the second episode of sailor moon crystal, enjoyed it. i did always like ami, though she often was a sad sack. looking forward to rei next time!

image (c) nickelodeon

>> gasped in horror with every other korra fan when it was discovered that nickelodeon was pulling book three: change episodes from the air; breathed a sigh of relief when it was (partially) explained by the creators today. we'll get the show, book four will happen, other details forthcoming. i'm interested in knowing the status of book three/four dvds, but i'll be patient.

so this weekend is sdcc, all the interesting (and dumb) geek news is pouring onto the internet, and i couldn't possibly cover all the stuff that interests me. i'm sooo ready for guardians of the galaxy next week, have been taking in news about age of ultron and batman v. superman, and am keeping tabs on other news tidbits as they appear. personally, i have no interest in attending such a huge convention (the thought of so much humanity packed into one area makes me squirm a little), but i love that technology keeps me connected to the parts i'm dying to know. no awkward celeb encounters necessary.

meanwhile, i'll be listening to it rain and choosing which project to hunker down with next.


you guys, i've done a brilliant. i've answered the age-old question of shawl knitters everywhere: how the fsck do you store your collection?

earlier in the year i google-researched the subject of shawl storage and found a lot of what you'd expect: shawls folded in drawers or closets, shawls slung over coat hooks, shawls draped around wooden hangers. none of these options really worked for me, though, since my only closet is so narrow it doesn't close properly with regular-sized hangers, my heavier shawls would fall right off a peg or hook, and my dresser is full with the clothes that don't fit in the closet.

up until recently i'd simply folded my neck/shoulder covers into quarters and stacked them in a plastic bin. it was unsightly and i knew i could do better.

for a while "better" seemed like it might come in the form of a modernized quilt rack: a ladder-like fixture that could be leaned against a wall with shawls draped over its rungs. at first i considered making my own rack out of dowels and paint/sealant, but the work involved would never get done if left to me. i looked for products online that would serve a similar function and found only items that didn't match my personal style or my price range.

and then it so happened that i was heading to the nearest purveyor of scandinavian homewares for a much-needed furnishing (it was my first time and i was not prepared). i decided to browse their offerings for racks and other such items just to see.

and lo, i found this:

image (c) ikea

intended to be a towel rack (for what, your sauna? who needs so many towels on a wooden rack?), the hjÀlmaren towel holder met all my requirements as a shawl holder: it would fit the allotted space, it would accommodate the accessories in question, and it didn't look too stark or too frilly. onto the pallet cart it went.

a few wooden pegs and one strange allen wrench later, i had it together and performing its new function.

please ignore the strange imprints in the carpet, that space was recently vacated by a plastic tower storage unit, which had an unusual series of geometric supports in its base.

all the shawls fit, they can be displayed in whatever arrangement strikes my fancy, and i can see all the options available to me when getting dressed. perfect!

as to what i'll do when my shawls outnumber the available slots, well, that's a worry for another day.

so there you have it; question answered. and as for those of you who've answered this question already, how do you do it?

this week i... (summer reading edition)

image (c) harpercollins

>> ventured back into the darkness via mcquein's second book about horde creatures infested with nanobots, meridian. the good: the leadership hierarchy is gradually being developed (not just a shadow of evil to drive back) and the books' twists are actually surprising. the bad: it's still a dystopian survival story with a "complicated" romance. still worth a read, though.

image (c) marvel

>> raised my eyebrows along with everybody else at the news that the role of thor will soon be assumed by a woman. still think marvel's primarily doing it for the shock value, but hey, i'm game. what i really want to know is what the story is will be like. who is this worthy woman? what will she do with her new-found power? will she really wear that "boobs only" chest armor? we'll just have to wait and see.

image (c) hachette book group

>> plowed though 600+ pages of dreams of gods & monsters: taylor created excellently interesting, strong, glib characters that you'll wish you could go banter with (ZUZANA), and now their stories of death and doom are over. sure, a hugely important character was only introduced in the final volume (whyyyyyy?) and the romantic element often took center stage, but i'm glad i saw it through.

image (c) warner bros.

>> got my hands on a copy of the lego movie to see what all the raving was about, aaaaaand...when things moved from dumb fun to super-meta, i simply gave up. honestly, i'm still debating whether the creators were aiming for just meta or if they moved to meta^2, where they are fully aware of the tropes they employed/celebrated (and didn't subvert) and woe betide those who don't get it.

well, the frenzy of summer reading has officially ended (now that i'm out of available books in the series i'm following) and i'm left noticing how little knitting a person gets done while reading a physical book. this week alone i chose reading over knitting for three consecutive days, meaning i've got a lot to catch up on.

one goal for the weekend is to pick up one of the two neglected xmas socks and make some progress. in a handy coincidence, both socks are fairly mindless, and i've got both korra and sailor moon crystal to catch up on this weekend. maybe i'll even turn a heel, avatars and lunar princesses willing.