fridays to come

it's the last friday of march, but instead of showcasing project progress of past two weeks, (still knitting rainbow socks), i bring you a glimpse from the fuuuuuuuuuuture:
the first of fiddle knits' elements mkals is poised to start in just two weeks! the yarn was picked up on the first leg of my orange blossom yarn crawl, and now waits to meet its ultimate fate as whatever the end product turns out to be.
if anybody else wants to join in, the pattern will be free through april 10, which is an awesome price point for the mkal curious (like me).
i can't wait to get started!


if you're a regular raveler, you'll have seen today's community spotlight on spring-inspired green projects. and while i'm sure anyone living in snowy climes is/would be thrilled to see a verdant landscape, spring is so much more than green!

there's the blue of a hazy morning sky,

the orange of tannin-dyed lake water,

and the browns of interestingly whorled logs.

there's also the gold of late-morning sun,

the greys of swaying spanish moss,

and the intense green of a thriving swamp.

speaking of intense, how about this red of lichen i thought was unique, but turned out to be everywhere,

or these underwater roots?

and what's not springish about the yellow of a cheery cactus flower,

or the dappled shade of a wood?
hurrah for spring (or, seriously, summer)!
on the subject of rainbows, i apologize for the lack of knitting content: i'm steadily progressing on the barfing rainbow socks (turning the heels now), but it makes for lousy blog fodder. with luck, my resolve to persevere will have dissolved by thursday and exciting new cast ons will appear!

this week i... (spring! edition)

© rahymah handiworks

>> happened upon rahymah's nigella shawl, which, obviously, is awesome (the pictured model features lace edging, but an all-over lace version can be made as well). and here i am without appropriate yarn to cast one on. i'm sure that's an oversight can be remedied at some point and this beauty will be mine.
© william morrow
>> dedicated my tuesday evening to reading neil gaiman's trigger warning. there were a handful of stories i particularly enjoyed (the thing about cassandra, "the truth is a cave in the black mountains...", orange, the sleeper and the spindle), but i may have enjoyed black dog most, since it reunited readers with an old friend and was characteristically messed up. a solid read.
>> decided to add a little greenery to my home life by planting a few basil seeds, courtesy of target's dollar aisle. i've tried one of these mini-pots before without success (guaranteed to grow, my arse!), but we'll see how this one fairs. with luck, little seedlings will be poking through the soil before next week ends.
as you might have already seen, my area has skipped neatly over spring and pushed directly on to summer, despite the vernal equinox having just passed. you won't find me complaining, though; i've long since been ready for sun and warmth. but in spite of the weather, i plan to spend some of this weekend engaged in spring cleaning: my wardrobe, linens, yarn supplies, etc. and once it's done, i can settle in to an afternoon of making amazing things for 2015!

disaster the second

on a friday afternoon you might expect some post describing whatever progress i might have made on this or that knitting project, so let me start off by sharing a wip never before seen on the blog:
this crescent of bold blue is melodia, cast on as a reward after a particularly trying day. comprised of garter, yarn overs, and kfbs, it seemed ideal for workday evenings and weekend afternoons, when mental energies have dipped. and it started off as expected, growing quickly into a sizable slice.
in light of this, it might come as a surprise to you that melodia is currently a messily wound ball of yarn, awaiting its turn for a second go-round: this shawl—so simple in construction!—kicked my ass like i was some n00b fresh out of the tutorial.
the ways i found to bungle this thing were all pro, though. my stitch count was frequently off, despite there being just two increases every row. when the stitch count was off, yarnovers wound up in the wrong spots, not so much tidily stacked as randomized; more than once i ripped out and re-knit multiple times before the cause was discovered.
after spending multiple evenings knitting away, eagerly anticipating reaching another lace row, only to discover i'd screwed up and needed to rip back, my enthusiasm for the project waned. i kept on though, and it was only when, in another bought of counting fail, i discovered what ultimately sealed melodia 1.0's fate: in the third row of the first lace section, i had misaligned the yarn overs by one stitch (i'd been off a stitch and fudged by throwing an increase on to the left side, not realizing how that bit of slapdashery would impact the lace alignment).
i sat there, staring at the evidence of my foolishness and knew that i'd be have to rip back all that way to fix it. and if i was ripping back so far, might as well have a fresh start.
sometimes it's best to retreat and knit another day. may seems like a fine month for garter...


i don't know how winter's end is treating you denizens of the wider world, but here's a look at what it's like in my world, courtesy of a long walk taken over the past weekend.