craft countdown: halloween is coming really damn soon

back in september i decided it would be an excellent idea to do a series craft-related halloween posts, because why not? one post went up, time went on, reality caught up with me, and now the night of tricks and treats is less than two weeks away. whoops.

but before it's entirely too late to be relevant, i figured i'd highlight a few more cool things you could do before november is upon us:

image (c) simply delicious

poisoned candy apples via simply delicious

these would look eerily awesome on any snack table with that liquid shine tempting guests to take a bite.

such cute ghosts!
image (c) mr. printables

geometric ghost boxes via mr. printables

squee! these ghosts are adorable, and the use of waxed paper is a genius way to suggest translucence.

image (c) say yes

diy boo bags via say yes

yet another entry in the "cuuuuute!" category, these little sacks are sweet enough to make up for how involved they'd be to create en masse.

image (c) make it & love it

pumpkin jars via make it & love it

and then there are these bad boys. points for up-cycling, but the process could probably be simplified by using a different type of paint and eliminating the wire handles.

as ever, my grand plans for an excellent halloween season have been overshadowed by the reality of being a grownup: strands of colored lights are up, a small tablescape is on display, candy corn is in the house, and pumpkin marshmallows have topped all my hot chocolates, but the i haven't taken the time and energy to do everything i'd hoped. better get cracking on the cookie-baking and party-planning this coming weekend.

this week i... ("into the mines!" edition)

>> headed for the bunker in hopes of surviving all the superhero news crashlanding into our feeds: "yes meaning no" iron man 4, civil war captain america 3, wonder woman and the rest of the dc cinematic universe, a new take on gambit... cautious optimism is my default response for all the above—don't tell the hardcores.

>> wondered how anybody made it through childhood without losing serious hp after reading up on toys responsible for injury and death, several of which were big during my childhood. check out the comments, too, for some worthy honorable mentions.

image (c) alicia plummer

>> took advantage of a surprise ravelry sale and scored a pattern i'd had my eye on, sandshore by alicia plummer. my preference for simple cardigans that can be casually tossed on over most anything is on full display, i know, but at least this one uses a different fiber and needle size.

speaking of yarny things, to the privileged fiber people attending rhinebeck this weekend, have fun you lucky, lucky bastards. enjoy the amazing array of demos, meet-ups, and fabulous wares and post about it on every social media platform for we unfortunate scrubs just having another ordinary saturday and sunday.

seeing as how i won't be participating in the festivities, i'l have to content myself with the latest anime, knitting and hot chocolate, and a trip to go see the book of life.

>> fast forward friday >>

time to look back on a project that hasn't been seen in ages!

example a, summer rye. cast on in march, they looked like this when featured on the blog in august:

over-exposed and not yet at the heels.

as of today they look like this:

still a ways to go, yeah, but not bad progress for a reserve project. of course, the first sock was my social knitting lately and tonight's yarny get together has been cancelled, so growth in the cuff or sole sectors may remain stagnant for another week!

all that is gold does not glitter

last night i was knitting along, going through the motions of just another row, when something momentus happened:

shawl, chiefest and greatest

(take note of how nicely centered those peaks are)

yes, dear readers, that there shawl is done. this little hobbit fan made it there and back again, and couldn't be more satisfied with the results—the color is such a perfect match for the soot-stained, scarlet dragon that lives in the lonely mountain of my mind.

it looks like i'm not the only one who's pleased.

a glimmer of sparklesaurus

a little sparklesaurus might have taken up residence in the shawl this evening, which is all good and cute until smaug comes home to roost.

sparklesaurus attack!

twinge peaks

you know what sucks? i'll tell you what sucks—knitting overconfidence. we've all been there: you scan a pattern and totally understand what the designer wants you to do, only to discover that you were wrongwrongwrong several rows/rounds/repeats in.

overconfidence struck my knitting just this weekend, sabatoging recent progress on shawl, chiefest and greatest.

see, the shawl includes a short row shaping section that creates points between its edge motifs. i blundered my way through the first point, found my rhythm, and confidently completed fourteen more. i started a second shaping row, following the stitches above. it wasn't until i noticed how one side of each point started two spines into the left motif and ended four spines into the right one that alarm bells began to sound. odd, sure, but i'd read the pattern and was following it to the letter, so it'd work out.

the bells didn't silence, though. something wasn't right with these points, but my subconscious took a bit to work it out: each point was supposed to be centered between the motifs. two spines and four spines is not centered. three and three is. all the short rows i'd done were off to the right and there was nothing to be done but rip.

a poor photo from around 12:40 a.m.

luckily that part went off without incident and the re-knitting has begun. knowing what i'm doing this time helps, but the going is s l o w. no chance of finishing it this weekend, but by next i should be able to show off the finished wingspan in all its terrible glory.