this week i... (tl;dr edition)

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>> floated through space and time to the early 2000s and my first exposure to sailor moon (manga) via the cosmos-like introduction to sailor moon crystal's first episode. i liked it, but i admit to having nostalgic feelings for usagi and her crew that newbies might not. that said, the show is cheesy as hell, the transformation sequence pained me a bit in parts and tuxedo mask is even more of a weirdo than ever.

>> [mild spoiler warning] caught up on a serious amount of manga that i'd fallen behind on, finishing the main story arcs of:

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my little monster, by robico. boy meets girl, girl is irritated by boy. stuff happens. they date. more stuff happens. they wed. the end. it was fun, it was irritating, it was pretty to look at, it was ridiculous. your standard high school romance with heavy doses of wacky. i've got one chapter of the "after stories" to finish, then this series is officially over for me.

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wandering son, by takako shimura. i'm still purchasing the fantagraphics volumes of this series, but wanted to know how it ended, soooo... yeah. not sure how i feel about the "maybe it was all a story within the story" aspect suggested by the final page, but it was fun (and occasionally gut-wrenching) to follow along with the characters and see how their goals and perspectives changed throughout. and i want all the characters to have happiness in their imaginary lives, which speaks to it being a good read.

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ran and the gray world, by aki irie. i want this series to get an awesome english release, because it is SO FUCKING GOOD. it has magic and mayhem but is genuinely different from everything you've read before. the art is awesome, the characters are fun and powerful, the plot is totally engaging, and the feels are intense. who can i get on board for a kickstarter with me?

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>> plowed on to do yet more reading (you'd swear i worked with books or something), this time finishing leigh bardugo's shadow and bone trilogy with ruin and rising. for books with magic, war, and romance, this series did very well with tempering the mushy bits (which really weren't that mushy, trust me) with lots of one-liners and witty banter. so while some parts of the resolution were, "okay, sure, magic," the characters made it worth the read. also, the magic is badass.

image (c) yellowcosmo

>> spotted yet another shawl by yellowcosmo that is amazing and awesome and WANT. i already decided i'd need to make a positive thoughts at some point, but here we have first note, which i like even better. the bright red color isn't hurting my opinion of it any, and that lace motif is very refined without looking to frou-frou. i'm feeling the need to make another shawl settling over me slowly; i can only hope that i maintain my resolve and keep to a more modest pullover and two pairs of socks as active wips this month.

so this week? i read stuff, watched stuff, and listened to stuff. i played catch up and made plans, looking forward to the weekend. now that it's here all those plans have gone directly out the window and into the cloudscape beyond. today it might pour rain, as it has most days this week, keeping me inside or it might continue to be bright and sunny, encouraging me to go enjoy it. either way, i have plenty of things to keep me occupied, but choosing is going to be the difficult part.


  1. I have been trying to decide for the past several weeks whether or not I should watch sailor moon crystal!! I still have not decided.... I don't want to taint my childhood, but I also really want to see what's going on!!!

    That shawl is so pretty...I want to make one.... //drools

  2. i'd encourage you to try the first episode, if only for tuxedo mask's cavorting about on light posts.

    and yeah, that shawl. you see it and it's like NEED.