begun in mid-may, the "meh" hive shawl is complete just in time to welcome july (when it's way too hot to need a dense scarf, but hey)!

"why, it's a nice specimen!" you say. "how could you feel ambivalent toward such a piece of traveling stitch texture and tonal color?"

i hear you. it is a nice accessory: the yarn is soft and beautifully colored, the cell patterning is clever and visually interesting, the shape fits snugly around my neck and could be tucked into a coat should i deem it fit.

why then, isn't it loved (okay, it is, really. it's just suffered my running commentary on the same feature over and over again)?

it is, as i suspected it would be, small. small as in four inches shorter across than the pattern dictated, and three inches shorter from top to tip. this is entirely my fault: hi, my name is gings and i'm a tight knitter.

in retrospect i ought to have used us 2 needles instead of the recommended 1.5, but you know how it goes. despite my bellyaching about it, i am excited to wear it soon, due to the softness and excellent color, but that will be a no-go until i acquire a shawl pin of some sort. there's about a 0% chance of it staying around my neck without one! which means i've got to make good on that long-ago promise to myself regarding the identification and purchase of a beautiful fastener to help show off beautiful shawls.

looks like i best hit etsy. got any rec's for a purveyor of awesome accessories?


  1. ooh, it turned out absolutely fantastic! looks fab :) too bad about the size, though...

    i like this shop for shawl pins:

  2. It's beautiful, even if it is a bit smaller than expected.

  3. I quite like that scarf. I only wish I could wear that color near my face, because a scarf like that needs to be that color!

    As for shawl pins, I'm a fan of https://www.etsy.com/shop/novasteel

  4. thanks lots for all the compliments, guys! it is a nice item and i'm sure it'll wear nicely once i have something to help hold it on.

    speaking of which, those two sellers have some very nice shawl pins...