still not knitting

hopefully everybody enjoyed last post’s departure from the usual project photos and progress reports, because today we’re pretty much back to it.  there’s been knitting in the past forty-eight hours—enough that a completed sock should be gracing this space by week’s end, but still not so much to be particularly interesting.  there haven’t even been any major knitting catastrophes to shock and delight.  just regular old slogging through a dull bit of leg and cuff.

in times like these i turn to my notions, which are yarn-esque enough to count as content but different enough to maintain a certain level of interest.


who doesn’t love project bags? 

this pair was custom-made by my mom, who previously made me a large bag that holds my lightly caffeinated featherweight cardigan (gawds, do i need to pull that out again and bang out some rows).  that bag is great for scarves, shawls, sweaters, and what have you, but i was eager for some smaller ones to tote around socks, toys, and other little items. 

IMG_3543 from a primordial swamp emerges the sparklesaurus!

these are perfectly suited for the job, too, with just enough room to fit some yarn, needles, notions, and inches of delicate handiwork.  they tuck nicely into both my purse and work tote, so i never have to worry about tangling yarn on a set of keys or puncturing faux leather with a dpn. 

IMG_3546avast! evidence of knitting progress soon to yield a sock.

with luck, she’ll make me a few more.  i mean, with all the projects i’ve got going on, there’s always a need for more bags.  useful and damn cute, too.

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  1. I love project bags...yours are great! Nice mom you have there!